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1, the contract goods warranty for on-site acceptance into operation after the date of the warranty period is 12 months.

2, we guarantee that the contract goods are new, unused. We guarantee the safety and reliability of the contract goods under the correct installation and normal operation. During the quality guarantee period, the buyer may lodge a claim with us if we find that the goods supplied by us are defective and are not in conformity with the contract. We are required to repair, replace or compensate for the loss of the buyer as required by the buyer. If need to be replaced, we will replace the qualified products in time. All the expenses incurred therefrom shall be borne by us. If we have any objection to the claim, it shall be submitted in writing within 7 days after receipt of the buyer's claim, otherwise it shall be deemed to have accepted the buyer's claim. I appoint responsible for the project manager, the seller is responsible for coordinating the work in the whole process of the project, such as project schedule, design and manufacture, drawings, manufacturing confirmation, packaging and transportation, on-site installation, commissioning and acceptance etc..

3, the whole process of the production of the equipment in strict accordance with the quality assurance system. In the quality guarantee period, as our responsibility to be in need of repair, replacement of defective equipment in the contract goods outage, quality guarantee period of self eliminate the defects again after calculation, all losses incurred (including but not limited to the relevant inspection caused by equipment quality test, experiment, expert consultation, transportation and installation other expenses shall be borne by us). If the defects in the parts of the contract are found in the warranty period, but the normal operation of the contract goods shall not be affected.

4, the expiration of the warranty period shall not be deemed to be our responsibility for the removal of the potential defects in the contract goods which may cause damage to the contract goods. The buyer shall have the right to request us to repair or replace the defective contract goods and the same batch of contract goods at the cost of the contract within the term of the contract.

5, we guarantee that the contract goods are properly installed, normal operation and maintenance, in their life time is running well, we promise the contract life of not less than 20 years.

6, during the term of the contract, we shall notify the buyer in writing in the first time when there is a potential defect or a fault in the contract.

7, for the contract goods, we use the experience to prove the correct, mature technology and materials; if we have not used the new technology, new materials, the buyer agreed in advance. The buyer's consent does not relieve or absolve us of any liability under this contract. We shall be responsible for all the quality problems of the equipment and parts purchased from the subcontractor.

8, if the contract goods supplied by us are defective, or due to technical data errors, our technical staff guidance error caused by the contract goods scrap or rework, I shall immediately replace or compensate the buyer unpaid losses. I need to replace the goods of the contract, party shall bear all expenses arising therefrom to the installation site replacement, including but not limited to the cost of goods, the new new goods to the installation site and the cost of processing the replaced goods cost etc.. The term of our replacement or repair of the contract goods shall be carried out in accordance with the agreement between the two parties.

9, if the buyer does not comply with our provided technical data, drawings, specifications for installation, operation or maintenance, and not technical personnel caused by the contract damages, the buyer is responsible for repair, replacement, but I shall have the obligation to provide the required replacement parts as soon as possible, for emergency components required by the buyer. I shall arrange the transportation the fastest way, all the expenses shall be borne by the buyer.

10, from the contract goods to the place of delivery date to the quality guarantee period of the end of the day, such as the discovery of the contract goods supplied by us are defective, does not comply with the contract, the buyer shall have the right to choose and we should take the following remedial measures:

10.1 repair

we are not in conformity with the contract of the contract to repair the goods (including factory repair), in order to meet the requirements of the contract, the cost borne by us. Repair work shall be completed within 30 days unless agreed by the buyer.

10.2 replacement

we replace the contract goods in conformity with the requirements of the contract, which is not in conformity with the contract. Replacement shall be completed within 30 days unless agreed by the buyer.

10.3 returns

the buyer will have the contract goods defect returned to us, we will be responsible for the contract goods returned out of the installation site. In such cases, we shall refund the goods which have been received for the contract and bear the costs of installation, removal, transportation, insurance, and purchase of the difference of the buyer's expenses.

10.4 price

in the premise of both parties agree that the contract price of goods, as defective, we will have the contract between the original contract price and the defect of the goods after the cut price difference to the buyer.

10.5 damages

in addition to the existing stipulations, we compensate the buyer for the loss of the contracted goods.

the buyer shall not reduce or waive any breach of contract in accordance with the contract.

11, we are in accordance with the provisions of the "Three Guarantees" and other relevant laws, regulations and rules of the state, as well as the two sides agreed to provide with / after service.